The birth of the Deacon Ministry can be traced back to Acts chapter 6. The church in Jerusalem was still young but had experienced tremendous growth in its early days. As often is the case, with growth comes growing pains and the church was no exception. There was a group in the church who were not receiving the care they needed and it was creating division and preventing the Apostles from focusing on what Jesus had called them to do. Rather than divert their attention from the work of advancing the kingdom, they prayed and selected godly men to assist them in serving and meeting the needs of the people. These men were called Deacons, which actually means "servant". The impact of the deacon ministry was felt immediately: Needs were met; Unity was restored; and the Apostles were able to get back to spreading the Good News of Jesus. In our church, the role of the Deacons is to serve in the same way as those in Acts did 2000 years ago. They meet needs by supporting the ministries of the church through their participation and leadership. They bring unity by helping to minister to people, often doing so on their own initiative as God leads. They help the pastors stay focused on their calling of spreading the Good News by meeting needs and ministering to people.             

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