Adult ministries

Adult Connect Groups

        The following Adult Connect Groups are Meeting In Person on Sunday Mornings at 9:45 a.m.


Mid 60s and Up                                                        Late Teens to Mid 20s

Group Leader:  Brian Kennedy                             Group Leader:  Pastor Noah

Location:  Room 102                                              Location:  Room 110

50s to Mid 60s                                                          Women - Mid 20s to 50s

Group Leader:  Pastor Shawn                              Group Leader:  Karen Spillman

Location:  Room 112                                              Location:  Room 107

Mid 20s to 40s                                                       Young Couples (nearly-weds, newlyweds, 

Group Leader:  Lee Newsted                                                and couples with children birth to preschool)

Location:  Room 109                                              Group Leader: Zenen Salazar

                                                                                     Location:  Room 101



If you have any questions or would like more information about Connect Groups, please click here.  To get plugged in to a Connect Group, email Pastor Shawn at  To see a map of our campus, click here or stop by our Welcome Center and one of our greeters will be more than happy to direct you to one of the Connect Groups listed above.

Wednesday Night


Bible study and prayer time, 6:00-7:00 PM, room 102

                      To see a map of our campus, click here



    Ministry Teams

    Here at 22nd Street we believe every member is a minister, every task is important, and everyone is a “10” in some area. For this reason, we provide an array of ministry opportunities where you can live out your love for God and for others by serving them. We encourage everyone at 22nd St. to get involved in a ministry because every volunteer role is vital to impacting our world and creating an environment where people are more likely to hear from Jesus and experience His love. If you would like more information about any of the following Ministry Teams, please contact Pastor Shawn at

    Usher Team   +++   Prayer Team  +++   Greeter Team

    Sunday Morning Cafe Team   +++   Facility Maintenance Team