In Matthew chapter 5 Jesus instructs His followers to be salt and light to the world; to let people see the love of God by showing them His love through the way they lived. There is no better testimony to the world of God’s great love for them than for them to see believers loving people like God does in real and tangible ways. Since the beginning of this year, we've been challenging our people to go and be salt and light to their communities; to the places where they live, work, play, and go to school. Our hope has been that this would not just be a one time experience but that God will create in us a desire to be salt and light everyday, everywhere, to everyone. Over the past few months, people have shared their salt and light stories and now we'd like to share them with you.   Our hope is that you will be encouraged to let God use you also to shine the light of Christ to a dark world.  We also hope that you will come to know the great love God has for you.

  • Anonymous

        As a nurse, I see opportunities every day to help the hurting, the poor, sick, needy, lonely, scared, and more.  As a believer I feel like God alerts me to some cases that need just a little extra attention from time to time.  Such was the case one Saturday.  

       I had just worked a Saturday and came across a patient who stood out as needing a little help.  The next day I came in on my day off to help this patient who was homeless and was about to be transferred to a halfway house.  He was in desperate need of freshening up and I told him he had been on my mind and that I'd like to help him get ready.  He was also in need of some basic toiletries.  I knew we had some extra supplies scattered around so I gathered a small toiletry bag for him.  He was so surprised and thankful.  He was shocked that anyone noticed him on a personal level.  It was a small act of love that God prompted me to show to him but it made a big difference to this man.  He could not stop saying thank you.  

        I don't get to do thing like this as often as I would like but when I do, I know I'm doing what God has led me to do.  I'm meeting a need and showing people God's love.  

  • Debbie

    I traveled back home to Arkansas to help my daughter and her family make the move to live with me n Tucson.  When I got there I was shocked.  I had never seen my family so spiritually broken.  I went there hoping to help them in a practical way but God showed me He had bigger plans.  I realized that God was using me to be Salt and Light to my family by opening my home to them and showing them the love and goodness of God firsthand.  

  • Debi

    My daughter, nephew, and I went to Breugger's Bagels for breakfast.  Three Airmen walked in so I went up to the cashier while they were deciding, handed her my card and said "Put all the Airmen's orders on this."  She replied "All of them?" and I said "Yes." For most people this would have been the end of the story but then things got funny. Just then more Airmen walked in.  And then some more.  And even more.  I'm pretty sure they were having a platoon meeting!!!  Every time another group walked in my daughter burst out laughing.  It was a costly Salt and Light experience but one I will never forget!