Dear Church,        

It was so wonderful to be able to worship together this past Sunday, March 15, and to spend the morning in prayer with our church family and guests. As I shared with you Sunday, your church staff is monitoring the COVID-19 crisis and prayerfully making decisions as to how our church should move forward. Today, along with the Leadership Team’s approval, we made the decision to temporarily suspend all church activities for the next two weeks beginning immediately and continuing through Monday March 30. We believe this is not only wise but is the responsible thing to do to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to monitor this situation and update you as decisions are made.

Your church staff and ministry leaders will be working on ways for us to continue to provide ministry and a sense of connectedness over the next couple of weeks.

  • One of those ways we can stay connected is by worshipping together online. I want to give a big thanks to Matt Allen and our Tech Team for successfully setting up and testing a livestream of our full worship service this past Sunday. Below is the link to our livestream that everyone can use to participate in the livestream worship this Sunday.
  • Check out this short video from RightNow Media.
  • Beth Godoy is already working on some ways that children can continue to learn about God’s love for them. We will be making those resources available ASAP.
  • Other ministries are making plans as well and we will pass those on as soon as they are developed.
  • Because giving and bringing our offerings are just as much a part of worship as singing, praying, reading scripture, and the message, we have a few ways you can give and you can find those at

This has been a difficult letter to write due in part to the changes that seem to be coming almost hourly. No doubt, you too are wearied by all of this and are ready for it to be over. Well, there’s a great phrase that is repeated hundreds of times in God’s word, “…and it came to pass…”. I pray those words remind you that this crisis, like each time of crisis before it, will pass. So hold on to hope, stay strong in your faith, love those around you, and let God use you to bring the peace and hope you have in Jesus to those who need it.

In Christ,

Pastor Ashley